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You wouldn’t pay more for a direct flight from Birmingham to Orlando when you could get the same quality first class flight for less at another airline, right? Then why would you pay more for your health care when you don’t have to? That’s where Sonos Imaging can help. You can save hundreds of dollars when you go to a free-standing diagnostic imaging center rather than a hospital.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, diagnostic imaging services can be far more expensive in a hospital rather than in a free-standing imaging center. For example, according to healthcare price transparency company, Amino, the price of an MRI of a limb delivered at a hospital averages the cost around $1550.00 while an MRI in a free-standing imaging center near Sonos Imaging in Prattville, AL costs an average of $470.

While some physicians often worry about image quality and patient care, with Sonos Imaging, you can be sure that you are in a facility that meets standards for imaging quality and safety. Look for our ACR Gold Seals of Accreditation.

At Sonos Imaging, our goals are to offer superior patient outcomes, patient comfort, provide efficient turnaround times with results for patients, accurate results of the diagnostic testing to help determine plans of action, and deliver uncompromised imaging capability to help physicians make a definitive diagnosis. And with the most State of the Art equipment available, physicians will feel at ease to offer their best care to their patients.

Patients are often concerned most about cost and comfort. Sonos Imaging is an MRI facility, also known as Medical Resonance Imaging, meeting the imaging needs of patients in a spa-like setting. Comfort and experience is our number one priority.  At Sonos Imaging, everything we do revolves around our patients and their comfort.

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