Open View MRI, Perception Matters

When it comes to MRI, “Open MRI” is the buzzword among patients and practices. Many times, the first question we receive from offices and patients when scheduling an appointment with Sonos Imaging is,  “Is your MRI an Open MRI?”  Our answer is Yes, with floor to ceiling windows, a relaxing, wide open environment and with over 80% of our appointments going in feet first with their shoulders and head outside - we have an Open View MRI.

"Open MRI" is all about perception. Open MRI systems are perceived as open with the post or poles, or what Sonos Imaging refers to as the bore opening, reset at 10 and 2’ o’clock. We are an open view system because when you look at the post vs the Sonos system and it's 70 cm opening during actual patient scans, we are the same.

In reality, for brains and most spines, patients have to go all the way in the magnet beyond the post on both type systems. In other words, just like on the Sonos system, the “open” system is now a traditional MRI system. 

The key focus for Sonos Imaging is providing an Open View MRI that balances patient comfort and image quality.

Sonos Imaging is the most open MRI experience in the Prattville, AL area. 

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