Setting Expectations for Your MRI Exam

If you’ve ever had an MRI, knowing exactly what to expect can be comforting, and it can help relieve some of those pre-exam jitters. Feeling anxious is pretty normal. The concept of Sonos Imaging was designed with the patient’s experience in mind. Comfort and Convenience are two key priorities you will find throughout the patient experience. This is the Sonos Difference.

Patients who come in for diagnostic Imaging services at Sonos Imaging, often have very different expectations based on a past poor experience in another MRI facility or the fear of the unknown and not having control of your surroundings. On average, about 35% of our patients express concern stemming from a high BMI (Body Mass Index), their inability to lay still for a long period of time, and Claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces.

Sonos Imaging state of the art MRI facility is the first of its kind in Alabama and is home to the Optima MR450w 1.5T Wide Bore MR System made by GE, which is designed to help maximize comfort and technology.

This system delivers accommodations for the needs of the patient, specifically those who may suffer claustrophobia by offering a 70cm wide bore which allows scanning for large patients and increases the comfort for all patients by allowing you to see out the end of the scanner when you’re inside. In addition, soft flexible orthopedic coils conform to the patient to increase comfort. Due to the drumming noise, the Optima MR450w offers acoustic noise reduction. If there is concern for claustrophobia, please inform your physician ahead of time and a sedative may be administered prior to the MRI in order to help you relax.

We ask the following questions during the initial screening call to set up an appointment, in order to ensure we can accommodate every patient’s needs and help prepare their expectations.

Are you claustrophobic?

Are you able to lay on your back?

Unique Patient Experience

From the moment you enter one of our two diagnostic imaging centers in Central Alabama, you will find that Sonos Imaging was created to be a luxury setting for patients. There are no waiting rooms. Instead, patients have access to their own individual lounges, which have en-suite changing rooms, a desk, Wi-Fi, and television. These lounges are meant to be a restful place for the patients, their families, and their guests.

The MRI Suite is open and bright and with the latest and largest technology from GE. The suite is oriented such that it is filled with natural light on two sides, allowing for a comfortable and open environment for patients. “Our guests often find when they walk into an MRI Suite that it’s more open, and has more air flow. Their expectations and anxiety are put at ease because it just looks more comfortable to them,” says Felicia Watkins, office manager of our Sonos Imaging center in Birmingham, AL. “It’s rewarding to see their reactions when the exam is complete. I’ve gotten hugs and lots of “Thank You. I couldn’t do it without you!”

Sonos Imaging will provide the most comfortable environment possible to each patient, ensuring you’ll have a better chance of completing the exam so that you can get the answers you need.

When patients require diagnostic services, Sonos Imaging wants to provide service in such a manner that offers a convenient location and the most comfortable environment imaginable.

We have two offices for your convenience. Our first office is located at 2715 Legends Parkway in Prattville, Alabama next to Lemak Health and across from Home Depot. Our Birmingham office is located at 5018 Cahaba River Road in Birmingham, Alabama.

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