Sonos Imaging Offers the Experience Your Patient’s Want and the Diagnostic Results You Need

The bottom line for both patients and healthcare providers is money. With Sonos Imaging, we can meet the needs of both.

Specialty providers such as orthopedists, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, and even ENT centers, frequently rely on diagnostic imaging for their patients. While purchasing their own equipment in-house is an option, the price tag associated with diagnostic equipment, upkeep, and overhead costs to facilitate adding on this specialty, often outweighs the reimbursement for an independent practice based on patient volume alone.  


For providers, Time is Money.

Specialty practices who partner with imaging centers such as Sonos Imaging, get more volume in seeing patients by cutting their in-house imaging time and gain electronic access to receive rapid, quality results.

Sonos Imaging offers same day scans, has a rapid, 24-hour maximum turnaround time and charges patients lower fees than hospitals for the same scan.


For patients, Time is Money.

Patients often forgo imaging services because their insurance co-pay or deductible is too high. Across the board, patients often pay three to four times as much for a scan in the hospital as they would in an imaging center such as Sonos Imaging. Patients who have already taken time off work for their doctor appointment can appreciate the availability of same-day scans.

Referring physicians appreciate sending patients to Sonos Imaging because we handle the pre-certification, and fulfill same-day services, including scans and results. Sonos Imaging also offers fluid communication, accepting orders online and sending patient reports back the same way; and in most cases, the very same day. Making it easier for physicians to get the information and results they need with the fastest turnaround.


Experience the Sonos Difference.

Sonos Imaging offers a better value, convenient services, a comfortable experience, and a better all-around quality of imaging.

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