Access Our Open View MRI

Sonos Imaging offers state of the art MRI testing diagnostics with a unique and spa-like patient experience unlike anywhere else in the area. Sonos Imaging is proud to offer our patients a room with a view... 


Access Our Open View MRI

The Sonos Imaging Open View MRI suites in our Birmingham location include private patient lounges and a spa-like facility. Click here to learn more about how Sonos Imaging was designed to help maximize comfort and technology and is unlike any other MRI facility in the greater Birmingham Alabama area.

An Open View MRI offers the most open imaging environment for patients while also providing the highest quality images for their physician to make a definitive diagnosis. Sonos Imaging delivers the uncompromised magnetic resonance imaging capabilities that referring physicians need to make a definitive diagnosis. The Sonos Difference is our Provider Benefits




Our focus is on patient comfort and quality care. 

The experience of undergoing an MRI scan, in general, can be overwhelming, scary, and uncomfortable for anyone. In order to ensure the success of capturing and completing an MRI scan, we understand that your patients must be comfortable in the machine and with the overall experience. The facility and MRI suites in Sonos Imaging were designed and built for patient comfort. Providing a relaxing atmosphere and comfortable experience is our priority.


Click here to contact us or to learn more about Sonos Imaging's unique and state of the art freestanding imaging center in Birmingham, Alabama. 



State of the Art MRI Testing Diagnostics