Sonos Imaging is a Physicians Resource for Central Alabama

Our commitment at Sonos Imaging is to surpass the needs of referring physicians and to exceed the imaging expectations of our patients. As a physician’s resource, our freestanding imaging center is here to help you care for your patients by providing a positive diagnostic imaging outcome that is needed for providers to make a proper diagnosis.

Patients receive and benefit from a unique spa-like experience of imaging in comfort. A positive patient imaging experience results in outcomes that ensure accurate results of the diagnostic testing to help the physician determine a diagnosis and plans of action. With positive imaging results and patient experiences, physicians feel at ease to refer their patients to Sonos Imaging for the best care in diagnostic imaging for their patients. 

Provider Benefits

We strive to offer personalized care coordination for our referring physicians. From the first phone call to coordinate patient care, to our pre-certification services, patient referral appointment confirmations, to digital imaging access and prompt reporting.

At Sonos Imaging, you can count on the following provider benefits:

  • STAT Diagnostic Imaging Services
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Reports available within 24 hours
  • Hassle Free Scheduling
  • Insurance Pre-Certification Services
  • Board Certified Radiologists and Sub-specialists
  • Patient Care Coordination
  • Web-based access to images and reports


Modern Modalities

Sonos Imaging wants to meet all needs when it comes to MRI testing, Sonos Imaging utilizes the Optima MR450w Wide Bore MR System made by GE, which represents the state of the art advances in MR technology, including the most recent sophisticated diagnostic software upgrades. This system delivers accommodations for the needs of the patient, specifically those who may suffer claustrophobia by offering a 70cm wide bore which allows scanning for large patients and increases the comfort for all patients. MRI’s with arthrograms are also available. 

The C-Arm, a fully digital mobile unit offers another State of the Art technology and modality equipment for patients. Providing high-quality images at the lowest possible dose while delivering great outcomes, Sonos Imaging uses the C-Arm in MR arthrograms and pain management. Our mobile C-Arm will aid the radiologist in identifying anatomy and target treatment areas to diagnose, treat and deliver great outcomes for our patients. 



Make An Accurate Diagnosis & Save Your Patients Time With Same-Day Scheduling

Diagnostic testing is one of the most important clinical tools available to physicians and patients. Same-day diagnostic imaging can lead to an accurate diagnosis and faster treatments for the patient. For example, diagnostic imaging is critical for specialists and physicians who typically diagnose TMJ. It is extremely helpful to have an MRI study conducted while patients are having a flare up and symptoms are present.

In some cases, delayed diagnostic imaging can delay a proper diagnosis. As a patient and physician benefit, Sonos Imaging offers Same-Day MRIs while symptoms are still present and it's also convenient for patients to have their imaging scans conducted the same day that they have already designated for their doctors' appointments. Same-Day Appointments and 24-hour Reports help physicians quickly determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.


Sonos Imaging is proud to be physicians resource and preferred imaging center by our patients in Central Alabama. At Sonos Imaging, we value the feedback and support of our referring physicians. Please feel free to leave your comments or questions by filling out the contact us form or by contacting one of our imaging centers directly. 

Are you ready to refer patients to Sonos Imaging? 

Use the Sonos Imaging Referral Form (CLICK HERE). We will be sure to keep your office updated on the scheduling status of your patients.


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