Sonos Imaging Brings A Soldier Hope To Run Again

At Sonos Imaging, it is our goal to deliver exceptional patient care each and every day. We focus on patient comfort and experience and we truly value the feedback we receive from our patients.

Recently, we spoke with a patient who happens to be an active duty soldier who has been seeking answers for her hip pain for over 2 years. When she found out she needed an MRI, she had her diagnostic imaging study conducted at Sonos Imaging. Her personal MRI experiences were completely different than the quality care she received at Sonos Imaging. Her experience at Sonos Imaging has given her hope that she would soon be able to run again.

When the end result is high-quality imaging and inspired hope for our patients, we know we are providing the quality care that every patient deserves. This is the #1 reason why we are focused on patient comfort and experience. 


Inspiring Hope - A Soldier's Sonos Imaging Experience

You can learn about her experience at Sonos Imaging of Prattville by clicking here.


Sonos Imaging's Positive Patient Feedback

We're very proud to serve our patients and it's always great to hear such positive feedback. Tell us about your MRI experience by completing the Patient Survey or to see more patient feedback, check out the reviews we've received online. After all, it’s important to look for quality and value in an imaging provider.

It is important to us that you understand what to expect at Sonos Imaging so that you can choose where you go for medical imaging. A positive patient experience often results in quality imaging outcomes that your physician needs. Tell your doctor's office where you prefer to have your imaging done. At Sonos Imaging, we deliver patient care in the most luxurious setting possible. The goal is to focus on patient comfort and experience by offering private suites and individualized service. Your MRI experience should include seamless scheduling with same day or next day appointment availability, a friendly concierge care team, and a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. 


To the hopeful soldier, we thank you for sharing your experience at Sonos Imaging! 

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