Helping Your Patients get an MR Exam Faster

If you determine that your patients need to have an MRI study conducted, your patient referral coordinator or front office staff will most likely call to schedule an appointment. Many insurance companies require prior authorization or precertification in order to get the scan approved for your patient to get the procedure. Once approved, your patient can proceed to the hospital or imaging center for the scan. Then a day or two following the diagnostic imaging study, you will receive a full report and can go over the results with your patient.

At Sonos Imaging, we will assist your patients with all MRI diagnostic testing. We will make this process easier for you and your staff. 

Pre-Certification Services

We will assist you and your staff in every way possible with the preapproval/precertification process. Please use the Sonos Imaging Patient Referral Form (Click Here to Download) to provide the necessary patient information we need.

Once complete, simply fax the above information to (334) 676-4521 and our staff will handle the prior authorization paperwork. This is required in order for Sonos Imaging to obtain insurance pre-certification and when making an appointment for your patient.

Patient Referral Form



One of the major differences between freestanding outpatient vs hospital-based imaging centers is Wait Times. Oftentimes at hospital-based facilities, appointments are not available for days or weeks due to priority based imaging. Freestanding diagnostic imaging centers like Sonos Imaging are much faster, frequently offering same-day and next day appointments.

Once at your appointment, the outpatient experience is quick with minimal waiting and no bumps to your appointment time in order to accommodate urgent or ER cases. Sonos Imaging offers a range of convenient appointment times that include both before and after work hours. Don't wait to be seen, schedule your same day appointment with Sonos Imaging.

We all understand that patients who have already taken time off work for their doctor appointment can appreciate the availability of same-day scans. And our referring physicians appreciate sending patients to Sonos Imaging because we handle the pre-certification, and fulfill same-day services, including scans and results. Sonos Imaging offers the experience your patient’s want and the diagnostic results you need.

Sonos Imaging also offers concierge care to physicians by providing fluid communication, accepting orders online and sending patient reports back the same way; and in most cases, the very next day. We are making it easier for physicians to get the information and results they need with the fastest turnaround.

When time is the only thing between your patients MRI and your diagnosis, get an MR exam faster by sending your patients to Sonos Imaging.
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